Judgement at Work

Judgement of another person can be very harmful and destructive within teams. Judgement can be fixed and remain so for a very long period of time. Often we are aware of it and its potential impacts yet we refuse to shift. Shifting this judgement involves giving the person another chance to establish themselves with you and potentially change your judgement of them. If the behaviours continue, this is when the challenge may increase.

Also be careful with Judgement that it isn’t in fact a reflection of yourself. Often the aspects and behaviours that annoy us within another person may in fact be behaviours that we exhibit ourselves. This involves pausing before we act and respond and reflect about our own behaviours.

So pause, reflect and then act. Question your Judgement and its potential to be destructive for your relationship with that person. Look at yourself first.

Judgement within teams often erodes Trust. We all need to work on this and be mindful of its impacts upon ourselves, others and ultimately the TEAM. Be kind and help to build the rapport and trust within your team.


Trying Times – TEAMS SUCCEED

The end of financial year, winter blues, political and economy uncertainty has seen us all experience a trying month or two. Pinnacle Team Events are busy helping companies navigate their way through these tough times. Personnel are the driving force of most organisations who need to be motivated, inspired and energised to perform – even more so in tough times. Our winter special has proven to be very popular with companies arranging events from within their office or local area to remind their team of their importance to the bigger picture.

If you think that your team needs to reboot and find itself having fun again give us a call!


Creating trust amongst your team is easier than you think……

The cornerstone to every relationship be it workplace, business, romantic or otherwise is TRUST. Creating moments for your team to build that trust in one another takes time and planning. The best leaders begin by framing trust in economic terms for their companies. When an organisation recognises that it has low trust, huge economic consequences can be expected. Everything will take longer and everything will cost more because of the steps needed to compensate for their lack of trust.

Stephen M. R. Covey in his article “How the Best Leaders Build Trust” states that;

“The true transformation starts with building credibility at the personal level. The foundation of trust is your own credibility, and it can be a real differentiator for any leader. A person’s reputation is a direct reflection of their credibility, and it precedes them in any interactions or negotiations they might have. When a leader’s credibility and reputation are high, it enables them to establish trust fast — speed goes up, cost goes down.”

Creating the time and the opportunities for your team to build that trust is easier and than you may think. It also doesn’t have to cost you a cent! We here at Pinnacle Team Events like to practice what we preach and are gaining huge benefits from our work in this area. We have started a program where every two months we as a team donate a night to a charity organisation to assist with cooking food for a hospital shelter. It is a night where we are together doing something great for the community, building the relationship within our team and inadvertently building trust amongst our colleges.

In closing please let me share with you my favourite quote on trust from the great Ernest Hemingway:

 “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”


Start with Why?


Welcome to 2013! We have loved a holiday here at Pinnacle Team Events and found ourselves reflecting during the break on WHY?  We feel that our valued clients and supporters know WHAT we do and we want to start the year with WHY?

 We believe in making a genuine difference to the teams that engage our services. We want to provide all workplace teams with the education, motivation and inspiration to achieve their best. We believe that a workplace should be a funplace!

It is through our huge range of events that we aim to achieve “our why”. This list of events is larger in 2013 than ever before with a range of products offered under the umbrella of Pinnacle Team Development. We have also launched a new indoor team building event called Battle of the Minds – perfect for conference venues or office situations.

2013 brings exciting news with the addition of Pete Chapman to our team. Pete is a fantastic facilitator with 8 years’ experience in outdoor education and facilitation and training. Pete is a keen AFL player who is looking forward making a difference to the teams he meets in the year ahead. He is a country boy who loves to have a laugh and thrives on meeting new people – he has found the perfect workplace! Keep an eye out for Pete at your next Pinnacle event.

What a month! What a team!

I am sorry for the delay between posts. As i eluded to in my last post we were in for a bumper month and it is only now that i am able to come up for air and attend to things such as our blog. The month of October saw us facilitating 45 events aiming to motivate, educate and inspire over 2000 delegates across the east coast of Australia. It was a month where our team was pushed to its limits and i was left to reflect: “Are we practicing what we preach?”

I am very proud to say that our team has excelled during this pressure time. The key factors of Trust, Commitment and Accountability saw us achieving the desired goal of ensuring we delivered exceptional events for all our clients.

Trust: It is crucial to trust one another.  Trust that the job colleagues are doing will be done. This allows one to focus on their own tasks with the knowledge and understanding that each party is playing their role in achieving the common goal.

Commitment: Knowing that all members are genuinely committed to achieving the best result for the client and the Pinnacle Team Events organisation. This ensures that any unexpected happenings (and in events there are lots of these) will be dealt with professionally, swiftly and with a smile.

Accountability: With all team members knowing their role and the expectations within; our team was able to navigate a hectic month. Holding team members accountable for their work ensures that any feedback positive or negative is invaluable to that team member. Everyone within an organisation should be held accountable to ensure maximum results!

Enough chat……. I’m back to work! Enquire about our Sydney group activities today.

Snow in the Silly Season?

Pinnacle Team Events found ourselves in the unique situation last week of having one of our famed events was postponed due to SNOW! Our client was conferencing at the beautiful Fairmont Resort in Leura on Friday and Saturday – as they were making their way from Sydney up the Great Western Highway to the Blue Mountains their bus was stopped at a road block caused by snow over the road.

Cleaver thinking by the bus driver saw the group sit out the snow storm having a few drinks in a cosy pub beside the open fire. Despite being far from what was planned for their event; in a remarkable way sitting around the fire sharing the experience of mother natures power is team building at its best.

I think we are done for snow storms for the remainder of this year and thank goodness for that! We are currently mid way through a bumper month where this October Pinnacle facilitators will host over 2000 delegates from over 30 different organisations. We have events spanning the east coast of Australia as far north as Yeppoon in QLD and as far south as Melbourne.

As organisations approach the end of year it is time for the events teams to begin planning the Christmas Party or team day. This is a very important tradition for all organisations to show their staff, suppliers and clients appreciation for another year of support. Very few businesses operate without relying heavily on human capital to ensure the business success. We are thrilled that we are in the business of making these events happen and assisting our clients to thanks such a valuable resource – their people.



Pinnacle begins to blog

Coinciding with the installation of our new website Pinnacle has decided to embark on the blogging journey. Our main reason for this is to share more of our thoughts, opinions and information regarding our passion; Team Building, Team Development and Corporate Events. Collectively we have a wealth of knowledge with our full time team having been in the industry for 10 – 15 years each. As with any great team we all have different skills and attributes to offer, yet share a common goal. That goal is making a difference to our clients by educating, inspiring and motivating teams through providing corporate events, workshops and activities.

We hope to share with you our genuine love for the industry that enables us to rise each morning with excitement about who we will meet that day and what team we will assist on their journey together. We are a very down to earth company with a tag line crying: “We don’t do group hugs” reinforcing to our clients that we are different to our competitors.

We value the relationships we have formed since the business began 9 years ago and work closely with many of the states biggest conference venues to ensure their clients receive the best. It is through these relationships that the business has grown seeing Pinnacle Team Events as the preferred supplier at most conference venues across Sydney and regional NSW.

Our client list has grown and today allows us to work with the largest organisations in the country who choose Pinnacle Team Events first time; every-time. Because an event, conference or workshop only happens once – there is no second chance – our clients need to know that what they will receive on the day is exceptional. Every-time.

It is an exciting and dynamic industry that allows our creative sides to flow. We hope that you continue to tune into our blog and that like our events you find it exciting, educational, motivating and inspiring.