Take 5 With Pinnacle – Corey

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a Pinnacle Team Events facilitator tick then you have come to the right place! Each month we will be taking 5 minutes to chat with each of our facilitators about their lives both inside and outside of work.

What I love about being a Pinnacle Facilitator:
Getting out and having fun facilitating awesome activities with great people at amazing locations!

How long I have been working for Pinnacle:
A little over 1 month – Freshy!

My favourite Pinnacle team event to facilitate:
Tough choice… Maybe Survivor

Most embarrassing moment as a Pinnacle facilitator:
Nothing yet… I’m sure it’s not too far away though.

My favourite hobbies are:
Waterskiing, 4wding, Camping.

Band I’m listening to at the moment/podcast recommendation:

What was the last book you read?:
Anthony Kiedis – Scar Tissue

Favourite holiday?:
Fraser Island

Have you ever had a nickname?:
Too many to list… longest lasting has been PB (after Party Boy Corey Worthington)

I am frightened by _____ :

Early Mornings

Favourite movie of all time:
Hot Tub Time Machine

First concert I went to:
John Butler Trio

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?:
Fraser Island

What makes you angry:
Nothing too much makes me angry… Maybe when your schnitzel comes out served on top of your chips – making them soggy!

What makes you laugh the most:
I spend a fair bit of time on the road and find myself laughing at the (lack of) abilities of other drivers very regularly.

What song would you sing at karaoke night?:
I wouldn’t make anybody suffer through my singing! But Mr. Brightside is my favourite song!

Conference Venue Spotlight – Raffertys Resort

Each month for our Conference Venue Spotlight we will be giving venues the opportunity to detail a recent event held at their hotel or resort. This will help showcase the variety of ways their conference venue can be utilised for corporate events including spacing for conferencing, indoor & outdoor dinner options and of course, team building! This month we hear from the events team at Raffertys Resort.

Education In a Resort Location

One of Raffertys Resort’s repeat clients bring with them a fresh troop of hospitality students for a TRI ATHLON OF EVENTS (how punny), or as they like to call it a “leadership conference”, throughout the year. With an emphasis on “being in a professional environment” the conference is based on development and education. With two main conference areas, two fully equipped restaurants, share style accommodation and loads of space, Raffertys is the perfect location for groups wanting to combine conferencing and team building. 

Arriving on a Friday for a morning of conferencing, the group of 65 then participated in the Escape Room Challenge. Using our Loft Villas each team was “locked” in the accommodation rooms with a set time frame in which to escape before the world as we know it ceases to exist. The teams got busy following clues, solving puzzles and unlocking the secrets to ESCAPE! 

On the Friday evening a private buffet dinner in our Jetty Restaurant and a night of bush dancing was held, giving the teachers and students a chance to relax, unwind and socialise.

Saturday morning started with a buffet breakfast with 180-degree water views of Lake Macquarie, followed by a morning conference in our largest conference space, The John Taaffe/Catherine Hill room.

The team then head outdoors taking advantage of our 35 acres with a game of Survivor. Separated into tribes each team competes in a range of challenges spaced around the resort grounds and foreshore. Each challenge required the tribes to outwit, outplay and outlast their rival teams.

The staff at Raffertys received great feedback from the event:

“Just want to say this was probably our ‘best ever’ leadership conference. Everything went really well and the food was excellent. Absolutely top marks to the staff involved throughout the resort. We will have to see if we can top it next term. On a serious note, the ability to be located up the top for the whole conference was a big bonus and was far more ‘business professional’ for us, which is what we are trying to portray to the students.”

To book your next conference at Raffertys Resort, contact:

Sam Cable – Conference & Events Sales Manager
02 4972 555 ext 2
0411 447 548
[email protected]

Top Team Building Activities for the Central Coast

The Central Coast is known for its pristine beaches, incredible national parks and picturesque waterways. You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to conference venues with a range of hotels & resorts available to suit any taste or requirement. Located only 1 hour from Sydney, it is the perfect location for your next conference!

We’ve put a list together of our top team building ideas for the Central Coast for your next conference offsite:

Beach Olympics

With so many beautiful beaches located throughout the Central Coast it is easy to see why the Beach Olympics is so popular in this region. If you’re heading to a seaside conference venue such as Crowne Plaza Terrigal, Pullman Magenta Shores, Bells Killcare or Wamberal SLSC we can organise a council permit for use of the beach nearby. Beaches we regularly use include Terrigal Beach, The Beach at Magenta Shores, Putty Beach, Toowoon Bay & Wamberal Beach. For the other conference venues we work with on the Central Coast including Mantra Ettalong, Mercure Kooindah Waters, Raffertys Resort & Noonaweena, we would modify the activity to suit a large grassed area & host a Mini Olympics instead.

Amazing Race

Amazing Race teams running

We have multiple versions of our Amazing Race activity that we can tailor to suit your conference venue. Venues such as Crowne Plaza Terrigal & the Mantra Ettalong are best suited to our Amazing Race Urban Search, where teams navigate their way around the local urban streets undertaking team-based challenges as well as collecting scavenger items & completing photo missions. Conference resorts such as Pullman Magenta Shores, Mercure Kooindah Waters & Raffertys Resort are better suited to our Amazing Race onsite version, where teams navigate their way around the conference venue undertaking team challenges and solving IQ tests that have been hidden in different locations around the resort.  


Photo on smart device of a team jumping

The Scramble activity is a modified version of our Amazing Race suited to teams that might be tight on time or budget. Similar to the Amazing Race, the Scramble can be tailored to suit a Resort or City/Urban area.

Morning Exercise Sessions

What better way to kick off the day than with a morning exercise session! Whether it’s a bootcamp on the beach, an indoor yoga or simply a morning walk – we have an exercise session to suit your team. Exercise sessions include:

Yoga: No longer the back-breaking moves of old, Modern Yoga is surprisingly effective as a form of exercise, flexibility training, and relaxation.

Pilates: A challenging workout for a fitter and stronger individual, Pilates promotes balance, flexibility, strength, and conscious muscle control.

Zumba: As soon as your delegates hear the music they will want to shake and shimmy their way through this morning session – lots of laughs!

Gym Circuit: Utilising the resort or hotel gym, Pinnacle will design a program to suit numbers and ability levels. Loads of fun and a good way to do some weight training.

Tai Chi: This ancient martial art used in modern times is the most peaceful way to exercise. Promoting improved joint range of motion, breathing, circulation, muscle tone and focusing of the mind.

Morning Walk: This session involves a long or short walk and can also include some stretching techniques. The walk explores the surrounds of the conference venue.

Boot Camp: An outdoor cardio circuit with plenty of variety suitable for all fitness levels. Designed to get your heart-rate up with simple movements.

Boxercise: Wake your delegates up with the fast pace of Boxercise. Designed to be a high heart rate session that encompasses fitness, boxing technique and lots of movement. No contact occurs.

Sandcastle Competition – Contact us for more info!

A traditional team building event where teams will be competing against each other in a Sandcastle Competition on the beach. The group will be given advice on how to create the best sandcastle and achieve impressive results with East Coast Australian sand.

Each team will be issued with equipment to build their castle that includes:

  • Buckets of various sizes
  • Etching tools
  • Paint brushes
  • Craft supplies: Flags & Dagwood dog sticks

Prize Categories Include:

  • Tallest Tower – The tallest overall sand castle measured from ground to the top tip.
  • Longest Bridge Span – The longest self-supported bridge span.
  • Deepest Moat – The deepest moat with water will win this prize.
  • Best Detailing – The sandcastle using the most detail and effect.
  • Best on Show – The overall best Sandcastle of them all!

Cocktail Master Class

What could be more relaxing than finishing off a day of conferencing with a Cocktail Master Class? The Cocktail Master Class will give your team the chance to get behind the bar and mix up a storm in an exciting and interactive environment! This fantastic event is hosted by our team of professional bottle spinners who will start the evening with a bells and whistles demonstration of cocktail making followed by a master class in the art of mixing drinks. Your group will make four delicious cocktails throughout the duration of the class, with the first three cocktails being preselected from our list of 13 cocktails. Think of all the classics; Cosmopolitan, Martini, Mojito and many more!

For the fourth and final cocktail the competition begins! Your delegates will get shaking and stirring to design their very own unique cocktail. All ingredients and equipment will be readily available to get the creative juices mixing & flowing! Teams will be judged by our Cocktail Master on taste, the enticing name of their cocktail and a sales pitch which they must present in front of the group.

Blimp My Ride

Teams must design and build their very own blimp that will fly across the conference room. This fun and colourful challenge sees teams using enormous helium balloons and a variety of resources to create a blimp. Teams have the chance to gain extra resources by solving team based challenges. The more successful your team is at the challenges the more resources you will attain.

The scrap heap includes cardboard, tape, string, weights, propellers, balloons, fans, paper clips, pens, paper and much more. It is up to the team to attach their resources aiming to transport their blimp from one side of the conference room to the other. This event is fun, interactive and engaging for all. It requires design, creativity, construction, ingenuity and will finish with a sky of colour.

Option One: 60 – 90 minutes

Teams are given equal equipment to build their Blimps, and the final flying challenge will test the overall success of the task.

Option Two: 2 – 3 hours

Teams must earn the pieces of their Blimp by successfully completing a series of team based tasks.

Tikes on Bikes

The Concept

Tikes on Bikes is a unique activity that provides delegates with an immense sense of achievement, unity and pride in their company.

Delegates will assemble a brand new bike out of the box under the assumption someone from within the team will race their newly built bike. However the twist occurs in the tail of the event when the delegates donate the brand new bikes to underprivileged kids from a local charity group.

How It Works

Delegates will be divided into teams and participate in a lead in activity. As part of the final challenge, teams are presented with a box containing parts to build a bike. They will be lead to believe that each team will need to nominate a champion cyclist to compete in the BMX race. The team who wins the BMX race will win the activity.

Just before the bikes are taken outside for the race delegates will be informed that they are actually donating the bikes they have built to underprivileged children. Each child will be specifically matched up with a bike of the right size and given a helmet so they can begin riding immediately.

Delegates will have the opportunity to personally give the bikes to the children and get photos of the unique experience.

Most Popular Team Building Activities for 2018/2019

The results are in! We have collated all the data & we have the results for our most popular team building activities for the 2018/2019 financial year!

most popular team activities for this financial year

And the award for most popular team building activity goes to…


For the second year in a row, teams just can’t seem to get enough of our Amazing Race activity. A versatile activity that can be hosted anywhere, whether it’s onsite at your conference resort or in the local area surrounding your office, and is suited to any group with a range of fitness levels & skill-sets.

The Amazing Race is an action-packed adventure where teams navigate their way around the local area undertaking team-based challenges. Speed is not always the deciding factor with an emphasis on teamwork, planning, problem-solving and of course having fun. Even though it is called a ‘race’, it is not the first team back who are crowned the winners. Instead, the winners are determined by how many points each of the teams earn at the roadblock activity sites.

“Our top sales performers participated in The Amazing Race, wine tasting, beer tasting and archery. The team building activity was a highlight of our conference, super fun and very well organised. Thank you to Phil for facilitating this impactful activity.”
Randstad, 2019

“On behalf of the Mirvac Residential Business Operations and Finance teams, I would like to say a HUGE thank you for yesterday! From initial consultation right through to implementation, dealing with yourselves and your team has been a delight. The activity was a huge success and was executed perfectly. We cannot thank you enough.”
Mirvac, 2019

Most popular outdoor team activities

  1. Amazing Race
  2. Survivor
  3. Mini Olympics
  4. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
  5. Wine Olympics

And the award for the most popular Indoor team building activity goes to…


The past year has been the year for charity style team building activities, with our Corporate Social Responsibility style events in high demand. Our Tikes on Bikes activity is another oldie but a goodie, and has stood the test of time in terms of delivering an emotionally charged event that leaves delegates with an immense sense of achievement, unity and pride in their company.

We lead your delegates to believe that they are participating in a regular team building challenge that culminates in a bike race. Delegates will be divided into teams and participate in a lead activity made up of competitive, problem-solving challenges. As part of the final challenge, teams are presented with a box containing parts to build a bike. They will be lead to believe that each team will need to nominate a champion cyclist to compete in the BMX race. The team who wins the BMX race will win the activity.

Just before the bikes are taken outside for the race delegates will be informed that they are actually donating the bikes they have built to underprivileged children. Each child will be specifically matched up with a bike of the right size and given a helmet so they can begin riding immediately.

Delegates will have the opportunity to personally give the bikes to the children and get photos of the unique experience.

“Always hard to choose the ‘right’ team building activity. Well this one nailed it! They all thought they were building the bikes to race each other on, only to find, as you said, the much bigger picture when those kids walked in. It was a truly magic moment!”
Atlas Copco, 2019

“Just wanted to thank you and your team for what can only be described as an A1 event! Beautifully executed, the team had so much fun doing it – and actually felt like it had been worthwhile on a deeper level, which is incredibly humbling and not something you generally get from these types of activities! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asked!”
Charter Hall, 2019

Most popular indoor team activities

  1. Tikes on Bikes
  2. Grape to Glass
  3. Corporate Drumming
  4. Project Pipeline
  5. Escape

And the award for the most popular Night team building activity goes to…


A mass of colourful question marks piled on top of one another

Again, for the second year in a row the Trivia Night has proved to be our most popular night team building activity. Great as a ‘getting to know you’ activity or for any group simply wanting to add some light entertainment to their dinner event – the Pinnacle Trivia Night never disappoints.

This isn’t your average pub trivia. Pinnacle is ingenious at tailoring this interactive trivia challenge to any group. It will prove to be unlike any other trivia night you have ever attended. The games we play throughout the night are hysterical and we can guarantee that your delegates will be laughing from start to finish.

Between each round of questions, the tables volunteer delegates to participate in crazy challenge activities (which makes the evening very interactive). Music trivia, movie, and TV sound tracks are on the menu as well as IQ/Brainteasers.

We will fit in with the agenda of the evening and usually fill the space between the entree and the main, the main and the dessert. At the completion of the event the results are tallied up and prizes are presented to the winning team.

“The feedback I received around this event was great. The team enjoyed the activity and a lot of the attendees actually requested that this feedback be sent. Great interaction with our guys, and the lead up organisation was easy.  Great people to deal with.”
MSD, 2019

“As always the Pinnacle staff are amazing. Ruth & Mitch have been accommodating with our date change and making it a fun and memorable night for all the staff.”
Harvey Norman, 2018

Most popular Night team activities

  1. Trivia Challenge Night
  2. Casino Night
  3. CSI Night