Communication and Expectations

Hello folks,

I have had the pleasure of some amazing clients recently that have all decided to make a concerted effort to invest in their teams. Even recognising that your team needs some attention and reflection is a huge step. Mostly teams tend to continue in the day to day remaining aware that the team itself needs attention and mainly the individuals within the team.

The main themes that I have been helping with have been Communication and Expectations.

communicationexpectationsFrom a communication perspective I think it is crucial that we don’t just dictate to others. We feel it may be communication but really we may just be telling the person what to do and to do it our way. Be inclusive and seek to understand the application of what you have communicated to the other person. Attempt to understand the meaning they have applied to what you have instructed. This creates clarity. Seek to understand their meaning. This cuts out any ambiguity and allows the flow to continue with the instructions and hence ultimately the outcome. Or if you want to be a dictator, continue and suffer the consequences.

Expectations are also the key. Often expectations remain unsaid and create nothing but chaos. How do we know what you expect if you don’t communicate it? To clear all of this up:

1) Be clear to yourself on what you expect

2) Communicate it clearly

3) Make sure the person/s understand, allow them to question – Clarity

4) Get on with it. This cuts out any misunderstanding or lack of clarity

So clear communication and set the expectations. Simple but not existent within many teams.

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