Start with Why?


Welcome to 2013! We have loved a holiday here at Pinnacle Team Events and found ourselves reflecting during the break on WHY?  We feel that our valued clients and supporters know WHAT we do and we want to start the year with WHY?

We believe in making a genuine difference to the teams that engage our services. We want to provide all workplace teams with the education, motivation and inspiration to achieve their best. We believe that a workplace should be a fun place!

It is through our huge range of events that we aim to achieve “our why”. This list of events is larger in 2013 than ever before with a range of products offered under the umbrella of Pinnacle Team Development. We have also launched a new indoor team building event called Battle of the Minds – perfect for conference venues or office situations.

2013 brings exciting news with the addition of Pete Chapman to our team. Pete is a fantastic facilitator with 8 years’ experience in outdoor education and facilitation and training. Pete is a keen AFL player who is looking forward making a difference to the teams he meets in the year ahead. He is a country boy who loves to have a laugh and thrives on meeting new people – he has found the perfect workplace! Keep an eye out for Pete at your next Pinnacle event.