What a month! What a team!

I am sorry for the delay between posts. As i eluded to in my last post we were in for a bumper month and it is only now that i am able to come up for air and attend to things such as our blog. The month of October saw us facilitating 45 events aiming to motivate, educate and inspire over 2000 delegates across the east coast of Australia. It was a month where our team was pushed to its limits and i was left to reflect: “Are we practicing what we preach?”

I am very proud to say that our team has excelled during this pressure time. The key factors of Trust, Commitment and Accountability saw us achieving the desired goal of ensuring we delivered exceptional events for all our clients.

Trust: It is crucial to trust one another.  Trust that the job colleagues are doing will be done. This allows one to focus on their own tasks with the knowledge and understanding that each party is playing their role in achieving the common goal.

Commitment: Knowing that all members are genuinely committed to achieving the best result for the client and the Pinnacle Team Events organisation. This ensures that any unexpected happenings (and in events there are lots of these) will be dealt with professionally, swiftly and with a smile.

Accountability: With all team members knowing their role and the expectations within; our team was able to navigate a hectic month. Holding team members accountable for their work ensures that any feedback positive or negative is invaluable to that team member. Everyone within an organisation should be held accountable to ensure maximum results!

Enough chat……. I’m back to work! Enquire about our Sydney group activities today.