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Blockbuster Productions Event

Film is a powerful form of communication. It engages and interacts with a number of our senses. Film enables teams to explore an idea or theme in a visual or non-literal way and have a great time in the process!



Any indoor location - can also be done using the outdoors around the venue


2 - 3.5 hours
Group Size


10 - 1000


Blockbuster Productions gives your team the chance to use their collective imagination and be as creative, resourceful and humorous as they can be. Working with film and acting professionals, teams are engaged in every step as they take a journey into the heart and soul of the movie making process.

The key to success in the experience is the understanding of how a film is created, produced and shot. Teams are provided with fantastic materials, training using digital cameras, highly creative themes and colourful costumes. The rest is all up to their imagination. The movies are then shown later in the afternoon or over dinner for a fantastic evening of entertainment with a 'Night at the Oscars'.

  • Organisational and/or offsite themes are easily worked into the session
  • Fantastic costumes and makeup are provided
  • Latest technology digital, hard drive cameras are used for filming
  • Practical instruction in creating and using a camera from a professional film producer/director (very important!)
  • All editing can be done 'in camera' - story boarding and planning essential!
  • Films are put onto a memory stick post session for the client to keep.