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Blimp My Ride

Look up in the's a bird, it's a plane. No it's a blimp! A team challenge activity that will have your delegates creating their very own flying blimp.



Any indoor location


1 - 2 hours
Group Size


10 - 1000


Teams must design and build a blimp that will fly across the conference room.

This fun and colourful challenge sees teams using enormous helium balloons and a variety of resources to create a blimp. Teams have the chance to gain extra resources by solving team based challenges. The more successful your team is at the challenges the more resources you will attain.

The scrap heap includes cardboard, tape, string, weights, propellers, balloons, fans, paper clips, pens, paper and much more. It is up to the team to attach their resources aiming to transport their blimp from one side of the conference room to the other.

This event is fun, interactive and engaging for all. It requires design, creativity, construction, ingenuity and will finish with a sky of colour as the blimps set sail to discover who is the winner of the Blimp my Ride Challenge?